Irony of a Humble Community

A humble community is silently suffering in the background during this pandemic. Yes, it’s the Special Needs people. No doubt almost everyone is affected presently, but the irony is that this group of people is unable to voice out their situation and predicaments.

We have been training these people (including the deaf & mute people) at Infinite Minds Academy, to acquire digital technology skills. The motive is to enable them to live independently without relying on any handouts from anyone.

With God’s blessing, they have now moved on to the execution stage i.e. they have started to produce various products using technology… which are equally good if not better than any available in the market (if available). View their training in action and also witness their unique and outstanding merchandise.

The only support they require from you is; your encouragement for their work done, or purchase their products which can be used in household or presented as corporate gifts, but definitely NOT any donations.