An Undiscovered Trove of Talents

Infinite Minds Academy is a sanctuary of comfort to many special needs students, ranging from Autism, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, and more. Throughout these few months of working here, I have realized the immense potential every single one of these students has. Many would assume that these students are left out by society due to their lack of abilities catered to the norm. However, time and time again they have proved not only are they capable of achieving what normal-abled people can do, but also extend their capabilities much more than most of us.

live 1-on-1 online learning
(pic) Student Tai WZ, learning to draw a picture of a fox with the assistance of one of our excellent tutors, Tilaga.

Special Needs? More Like Extremely Gifted!

This academy strives to bring out their fullest potential by showing them what they are truly capable of, and they need not rely on others but themselves to show their talent. In the experiences I have encountered, some of these students are capable of utilizing drawing programmes like Inkscape with an adept proficiency even with limited lessons by tutors. They have even brought their own complex physical drawings (e.g. Layered Egyptian Pyramids) to be used as a reference to draw on Inkscape! These students strive not only to prove their worth to others but also to themselves as they know that they can achieve so much more in life, even if they are not seemingly as capable as others. They go for the extra mile or two, leaving others like me, extremely astounded at their perseverance and tenacity to use the talents they have in the opportunities provided for them.

live 1-on-1 animation class online learning
(Pics) A Christmas cover art made by one of our students

A student that I have particularly admired in classes is Tai WZ. This boy has been nothing short of remarkable, as even with physical deformities in his hands, he is still able to complete creative drawings on Inkscape. What may seem like a limitation to others is just another obstacle for him to overcome. Although he may have started slower than others at first, he is still capable of reaching heights that are on par with his fellow classmates. This is proven through his desire to complete the tasks that are assigned to him by tutors, as he had never once said “I cannot do this” or “I give up”, but rather continued persevering through his tasks no matter how difficult it was. With some guidance from the tutors and his focus on the task at hand, a drawing is never too complex for him. We could all learn a thing or two from Tai WZ as he can be the light to inspire others, physically-abled or not, because of his desire to believe that he can do it. One thing is for sure, he has already inspired me to utilize the best of my abilities, and to see it through to the end no matter the task.

online animation class live
(Pic) Student Tai WZ’s most recent work during the online Zoom class, after CMCO began last month

I believe that every student like Tai WZ, has limitless potential if they are guided by the right leaders who can see from the perspective that they are more than special despite their physical limitations. They would only require a little of our assistance in providing them a place of opportunities to express themselves. By expressing their unique sense of art amongst others, they can keep up with society’s demands in the future, as these IT skill sets are a must in this era of Information and Communications Technology. If this paradigm shift is utilized in our society, I am certain that the majority of us will be in for a time of awe as we observe these special needs students being unique and amazing in their own rights. They are truly an undiscovered trove of talented individuals who may one day be acknowledged and respected for their profound capabilities in this country.

animation class learning
(Pics) Fellow veteran tutors Hema assisting students in their drawings

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