Fighting Big Battles

Written by Yap Wai Yen

Children have their own characteristics. Especially when a group of Special Needs Children gathers in a class, they learn, they play, and they will ignite different sparks and their stories. Silence is a way to protect themselves from society but not their desire. In their heart, they hope to communicate and talk but lack confidence. Throughout these few months of working here, I have found that they are might be like to sharing their things with others.

“I always welcome you guys to ask any questions even not related to your work.” I keep repeating this sentence in my class. 10 weeks is too short for us to get along. I hope that I can assimilate into them and lend my helping hand as much as I can.

A student who did not grasp on drawing concept. He spent 4 hours drawing an image, just for surprise and appreciation to his father that always encourage him and assist him during the online classes.


A student who always challenges himself and finds difficult tasks to draw. This image is created by himself without any help. He wishes everybody can fulfill their wishes in this tough year —2020.

Loi T W

Apart from these students, some of my students will give me a call and be concern about my health. Some of them will text me and hope to improve themselves from their drawing. I am grateful that they live in happiness meanwhile can improve themselves to gain more skills to support their life. Infinite Minds Academy is the best sanctuary for them to learn, to laugh, to relieve stress.

Treat them sincerely and patiently, you will found their strengths. Maybe they are not live like normal people but they have a pure and lovely heart like an angel.