Empowering Special Needs (Neurodiverse) Youths with
Digital Tech
Skills to Self-Sustain

Empowering Special Needs (Neurodiverse) People with
Digital Tech
Skills to Self-Sustain

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Your child’s professional pathway begins here.


We cover various areas of digital tech learning to equip your child with skills to self-sustain in their future.


IMA consists of a team of qualified teachers to make it an effective learning experience for each child who walks through our doors.


We’d like to hear from you and answer all your inquiries. To start your child’s journey to success, contact us today.

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Why Choose Us?

Special children requires unique care, attention and education. Our students have evolved and achieved great results.

CSR Opportunities

We are looking for corporates or business companies that are interested to sponsor to empower the Special Needs and Marginalised Communities as part of their CSR efforts!

If you are interested to support us as part of your CSR efforts, please get in touch with us by calling +6012-257 9498 or click below to learn more!