Do You Know What Special Needs Children May Face in Their Education?

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The idea behind Infinite Minds Academy is simple. We help provide free digital tools and resources to help individuals with disabilities lead happier and more productive lives. Our mission is to equip individuals with the tools they need to lead independently, and to inspire them to build upon the foundations they already have. Our focus on providing the right conditions for learning leaves us with only one option; to select the best educational program available – be it traditional or new mediums such as digital technologies or games. We want to help individuals and children who are stuck in life’s problems or in a constant state of adaptation struggling with their everyday lives; by providing the proper tools, knowledge & inspiration to enable them to break free and thrive. Our courses are designed to enable individuals to unlock their full potential, instead of being limited by their current capabilities.

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(Pics) Fellow veteran tutors Hema assisting students in their drawings

The goal of Infinite Minds Academy is to provide an academically rigorous, results-oriented alternative to standard schools for students with disabilities. The programs offered are hands-on, and focused on fostering student creativity and independence in learning areas like coding, robotics, inventing, creative writing and more. Students attend class self-directed by an instructor while working on problem-solving challenges designed by the instructors. But even if you aren’t currently on the autism spectrum or have an intellectual disability, there are skills that any great teacher can teach. If you want to become fabulously wealthy, or at the very least stay motivated through work, read on. Infinite minds wants to help you find the right lessons on how to succeed in life. Our mission is simple: help people anywhere learn to become fabulously wealthy in whatever way they choose.

Closing Note

The Infinite Mind Academy is a creative environment where the students are challenged physically, mentally and emotionally. There are three levels of courses available; the Basic course, the Advanced course and the Certified Course. Students are required to attend all three levels in order to graduate. The curriculum is designed to provide the student with both a practical and conceptual understanding of how to think creatively about problem-solving, product development, marketing and business development.  We believe that creativity should be applied not just in work but also in school. This is why we offer classes such as Using Your Creativity to Create Comics or Achieve Other Goals.