What Parents Say About Us

Very happy to see my kid picking up new skills on a daily basis. A big thank you to the experienced tutors at Infinite Minds Academy for guiding him.
We were on the lookout for a centre that offers animation classes but most only catered towards normal working adults until we found out about Infinite Minds Academy. Our child has now learnt many new things from their Animation Making program that provides step-by-step guidance and hands-on tutorials.
Mr. See
My child always liked using computers since he was little. It is good to see that he is now using it for productive by learning coding. Due to the guidance and tutoring at Infinite Minds, I am very proud to see that he has gotten very good at coding and this will definitely help him find a job in the future.
En. Kasim
Dahulu, anak saya pandai buat lukisan design atas kertas. Melalui latihan di Infinite Minds Academy, dia kini boleh membuat animasi dan rekaan kreatif design dengan menggunakan computer. Ini adalah sesuai untuk membantu dia cari kerja sebagai animator pada masa depan.
Pn. S