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At Infinite Minds Academy, our passion is to see every child thrive to their fullest potential. Everyone is born special. Every being has his or her special ability. 

Infinite Minds Academy conducts Digital Tech programs for the Special Needs people, to empower them to obtain the necessary skills; to be able to sustain themselves economically without having to be dependent on government aids or handouts from anyone.

The Special Needs people are mainly those with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Dyslexia, Down Syndrome, Slow Learners, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy etc and those who are Deaf and Mute.

These people are rarely given fair chances i.e. be it in schools, community or work place due to their ‘perceived’ limitations and inabilities.

Our programs are specifically structured only for the Special Needs people eg, Animation development, App making, Multimedia designing, basic engineering and many others.

We have successfully trained and guided these people with the appropriate programs and have witnessed amazing results (you may peruse our website and Facebook pages for the full info).

Our primary motive is to ensure that these people are able to self-sustain upon acquiring these skills. These people often face difficulties to adjust in work place due to their inability to communicate well and also at times due to their appearance and or certain limitations.

We guide them with techniques and tools of designing and creating various products on their own. These products shall be of premium quality. Apart from the technical training, the trainees will also be introduced to concepts of Online marketing and methods of promoting their products and services to corporates as well as consumers, both local and international. This will enable them to sustain themselves as entrepreneurs successfully.

We strongly believe that No individual should be left behind from advancing in today’s digital age. The types of products may include but not limited to souvenirs, gifts, digital art designs, useful day to day products.

With the acceleration of transactions taking place Online (especially since the Covid-19 outbreak), it is evident that the large percentage of economic activities will be moving to the cyber world at a faster rate. As such, it is extremely important that these group of Special Needs people are not left behind.

Therefore it is pertinent that these people are given a fair chance to excel on their own.

Join our successful Special Needs students who has successfully become Animators and Entrepreneurs now.

Our Strengths

  • Experienced and qualified special education teacher
  • Self-paced learning according to individual education plan
  • One to one and small group
  • Multi-sensory approach

Our Promise

  • We offer a stimulating environment where the child can participate in all activities to develop their full potential.
  • We understand that each child is a unique individual who learns at their own pace.
  • Small class sizes for personalized teaching with innovative teaching methods to support students.
  • Developing and maintaining quality relationships among students, and with their parents.

Why Infinite Minds

Our programmes are made exclusively for Special Needs Children from ages 10 to adults. Our programs are meant for students to be self-independent when they grow up which means they will be able to generate income by themselves.

Our Achievements

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CSR Opportunities

We are looking for corporates or business companies that are interested to sponsor to empower the Special Needs and Marginalised Communities as part of their CSR efforts!

If you are interested to support us as part of your CSR efforts, please get in touch with us by calling +6012-257 9498 or click below to learn more!