Check out our Past Projects

Animation clip created by our Animation Course Students

This was an initial animation done by our beginners in year 2013.

Light Display created by Special Needs Students

Various creative products created by our students who are involved in Circuit Design and electronics.

Motive: To train the Special Needs youths to design various products to be sold commercially Online to generate income for them.

Background: The Special Needs youths were trained to design products using the multimedia design technology. The products were then produced and sold Online in commercial Online store

The products were sold by displaying on Shopee stores, Lazada and also social media.


Animation Billboard Ad for CNY 2020

An Animation clip created by our Special Needs students were displayed on Billboards in various parts of Kuala Lumpur i.e. KL Sentral, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Cheras, Bukit Bintang etc

The Special Needs students now have upgraded their level to create commercial level Animation clips which are able to generate income.

We are currently in the process of taking orders from the Billboards managements to do Advertisements / Commercials in Animation form for them (fully done by the Special Needs students).

Face Mask Extender

Created by our 11 years old Deaf and Mute student. More designs added in by our Autistic students.

It is also being sold in various Online sites, and many outlets eg AirAsia’s Foundation shop known as the Destination:Good, the Ministry of Women & Family Development Malaysia, apart from Online stores.

Apart from this, this are also some of the various other products designed by the Special Needs Students.

End Result : Products were purchased in many countries eg Malaysia, Singapore, India, UAE, Canada, USA and more orders are still coming in


Our popular 𝗙𝗮𝗰𝗲 𝗠𝗮𝘀𝗸 𝗘𝘅𝘁𝗲𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗿 that is created by our Special Need student is now being sold at the Ministry of Women, Community & Social Development.

We are excited about the popular demand that our face mask extender has received and just as proud of our student that made this product.

We would also like to express our special thanks to Malaysia Federation of the Deaf for their efforts towards making this possible for us.

destination good

These products were purchased by many countries eg Singapore, India, USA, UK, Canada, UAE and others.

Completed the Mobile App

This App is developed by the En Muhammad Ashiddiq Bin Jahufar, an 18 years old Autistic Kid with Infinite Minds Academy.

He is an excellent student who has also developed a number of other Apps.

The Name of the Mobile App is “Infinite Help”

Muhammad Ashiddiq has also been featured in FMT last year. FMT: https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2019/05/23/animation-and-app-building-help-disabled-kids-find-their-true-calling/

Info on INFINITE HELP Mobile Application

This App created by Ashiddiq is designed to not only help fellow Special Needs people but also to help others in the community eg, people with Dementia related sickness, like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseases.

The functions of this App and the details are described below.

This completed App will be uploaded on the Google Play Store.

It will be sold for RM1 for each download.

This App proves to be a great tool for these group of people who often needs assistance. This not only eases their parents or guardians problem of locating and contacting them but also acts as an effective tool for any third party to help them, since the relevant information is easily available on the App itself.

Self-Sustain continuously

Various Innovations

Smart Plant Watering System (Prototype)

This system is designed and programmed by the Special needs kids.

The water container is connected to the plant.

It is programmed to have the water to flow automatically to the plant whenever the system senses that the soil is dry.

With this method, one only need to fill the water container once a week or once a month (depending on the plant and the usage).

The watering takes place automatically.

Automatic Flood sensor

This flood sensor system works as an alarm system in cases of floods.

The system contains 3 types of alarm. i.e.

1) Whenever the system detects a high level of water, it send sounds a soft alarm and a Green warning light gets ON.

2) If the level of water gets higher, the system triggers a louder alarm and the Orange warning light goes ON and an SMS is sent to the mobile phone users nearby to be on alert.

3) if the level of water is at Critical level, the system triggers an even louder alarm, the Red warning light goes ON and an SMS is sent to the mobile phone users to quickly act.

Auto Timing machine

This timing machine works similar to the various Timing Machine available in the market.

This is fully designed and coded by the Special Needs kids.

All data of users are recorded and saved in a memory device and is retrievable using a PC.

Smart Dustbin

This Dustbin’s lid opens up whenever someone is near this dustbin.

This enables the user to merely throw his/her garbage directly into the dustbin without the need to manually lift it.

The students are in the process of further enhancing this project by adding various other sensors and devices to further enhance this invention.