Partner with us for your CSR Initiatives

We are looking for corporates or business companies that are interested to sponsor to empower the Special Needs and Marginalised Communities as part of their CSR efforts!

Corporate Social Responsibility in education is very important as access to quality education is fundamental to the growth of our country. We at Infinite Minds Academy offers Digital Tech programs to train Special Needs students; to empower them to obtain the necessary skills so that they will be able to sustain themselves independently.

Our CSR Mission:

To provide Digital Training to the following Marginalised Communities:

  • Special Needs Youths
  • B40 groups i.e. Youths from orphanages

And then equip the Special Needs Youths with Digital skills to Venture into the GIG Economy for them to:

  • Become Employable
  • Making them GIG Entrepreneurs;

    – Promote their products and services in the market

    – Backend jobs e.g. tech developers, designers or animators

Our CSR Plan:

We have established our in-house Creative Content Agency called Infinite Minds Studio to:

  • Take on Advertising Jobs from Corporate companies
  • Produce Promotional Contents for Corporate companies

Our goal is for the Backend Producers (our students) to earn a minimum of RM2,000 for a start, doing back end production for Infinite Minds Studio

Watch our students in action!

We need your help!

We are looking for corporate companies to help sponsor the proper tools so that the students can succeed!

Our Request #1: Support to get Hardware

Hardware: Apple iMac
Specs: 24 inches, M1 Chip, 16GB RAM, 512GB
No. of Units: 6-8
Estimated Value: USD1,860 per unit x 6 = USD11,000 (Approximate)


  • We and our students been hit hard by the pandemic.
  • Present hardware are not good enough / many giving way


  • Will be able to produce better Output (better renderings etc)
  • Employ and empower more Special Needs people and accomplish target to let them earn RM2,000 at least

In Return to Sponsor:

  • Publicize their contribution/initiative in uplifting and upskilling this hard-hit community as part of their CSR efforts
  • Make a complementary animation for the Sponsor

Our Request #2: Empower Them

Type: Autistic, Down Syndrome, Asperger’s
Quantity: 20 students
Program: Design Technology or 2D Animations
Duration: 6-months course


a.  Per Student/ Per month: RM950 or $231.71 USD
b.  Tenure (Months): 6
c.  Quantity of Students: 20

TOTAL: RM114,000.00 or $27,804.88 USD

Output expected from the students (earning):

a.  40% of the 20 students =  8
b.  Earning per month = RM2,000 or $487.80 USD
c.  Quantity of Students:  20

Expected Value of Returns from your Sponsorship: 168% (If only 40% success rate)

If you are interested to support us as part of your CSR efforts, please get in touch with us by calling +6012-257 9498 or using the form below.

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